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Monday, May 12, 2014

Keeping people

Would you consider it a good or a bad thing? To be able to remove people off your life like a snap of a finger. I can and I consider it a good thing...(no constant crying over ended friendship/relationship) 

I just know the friendship it's over when we started fighting. I mean it's all pretty self explanatory that things wouldn't be the same. Instead of mending the holes in the blanket, I rather burn it. But am I doing the right thing? To forget about it or that I'm just scared? 

"Are we actually fighting?" I asked myself when he tried to make conversations with me today. He wanted this friendship so he made an effort. 

Sidebar: I'm not pissed at any point of the day. I'm just born with a chronic expressionless bitch face that random strangers hate.

"I'm sorry too", if you're reading

It dawned on me that sometimes we ended up being crushed because we decided to give in to the people we WANT in our lives without knowing their part in our story ended

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Growing up realizations

I'm in the mood to update this space today. My senior tweeted this phrase "then I grew up" and I kept on thinking about it since. 

When we're young, we always wanted to grow up fast to meet cool people and do cool stuff and have freedom. But as we got older, we hate it. However, growing up is inevitable. 

We realize our parents's getting older. It shows on their flesh; more laugh lines and spotted hands. We then get the fact that the things they'd done for us is for our best and that they're not ruining our lives. The thought of them leaving me gets me all chocked up. 

We realize we got a little richer because the things we really want and need can't be bought; happiness, freedom, fun, knowledge etc. 

We realize that things that happened in high school really don't matter.
-Popularity? How long will it last?
-Gossips? How many people will believe what you said? People just wanna screw you over to get the things they want. 
-Love? Being single is totally ok. You're REALLY NOT missing out. 
It is not a DISASTER when you got mocked at, talked about, or being left alone. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Pen and Paper

Monday Morning. 
I haven't been updating this space because I prefer to write things down on a pretty notebook using colorful pens. Maybe it's because I'm 18... I want to appreciate things like literature; reading & writing. 
I'll be back on my blog as soon as there's something worthy to write and post about. 

Recently, I've seen change in myself. I do not do things as implosive as I used to have. 
I came, I saw, I conquer & I appreciate. 
Yes, school's tiring for me, both physically and mentally, I'm not the girl who looks forward to school like last semester...Dreading it.
Morning classes, French class, kickboxing and judo. 
And yes, apart from these. I have met AMAZING people. 
My new classmates, my CCA mates, my seniors, my gym buddies.
I also realize my coaches are like my big brothers, they listen and gives me advices.
Sometimes I'm afraid of losing everything all at once because everything I wanted just came to me so suddenly. 

Think I'm gonna end it here. Au revior.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Legal 18 on 05102013

Turning 18 is a big deal to me. It's all about responsibility now isn't it?
I'm really contented with what I have. Looking back, I'd changed. Be it mentally or physically, I can confidently say that I don't regret who I am or what I did/didn't in the pass. Feeling extremely blessed with the people who walked into my life.
^Cake from my mum and dad

A day before the 5th, I headed to town to pick my gifts and cake. Had a hard time deciding between these two cakes. They both look so pretty & rich.  
^Baby brother waiting for me while I continue to shop more! 
^the two G.Ws who just turned 18.
^My hugging buddies
^2 of the simple gifts I receive and appreciate the MOST.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Starting off this post with a picture of my morning face and untamed mane. 
OCTOBER'S HERE. It's one of the months I wish that could last longer. Say, there's October 32 or 33?
I'm turning 18 on the 5th. No plans yet but still very excited. 
I don't usually remember my birthdays until my classmates/parents wish or ask me about it. 
But this, legal 18, I'm gonna have fun and do whatever I want (inking is no1 on my list still). 
^Swear September only lasted for a few seconds

Sunday, September 29, 2013


How I spend my saturday. 
Graphics bookstore & good food.
I could spend hours in a GOOD bookstore browsing design and travel materials. I get "sucked" in so quickly that I totally forget about the time. Not good. 
^Today's rose gold details. 
MBMJ X THE-NOT-WORTH-$88 advance birthday gift bangle. 
^Some words to live by.